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About EJHA


Reports by the Environmental Justice Health Alliance and our partners.

Historical Environmental Justice Documents

The environmental and economic justice movement is guided by history and principles. Below are historical documents created at the inception of the environmental justice movement and developed as our movement has adapted to the ongoing struggle for justice.

Featured videos produced by the Environmental Justice Health Alliance for Chemical Policy Reform and affiliate organizations.

Introducing the Equitable & Just Climate Platform

A commitment that advances the goals of economic, racial, climate and environmental justice to improve the public health and well-being of all communities, while tackling the climate crisis.

Priorities of the Equitable & Just Climate Platform

A shared vision that 1) calls for national climate action that confronts racial, economic, and environmental injustice; and 2) accelerates a pollution-free energy future that benefits all communities.

No Community Left Behind

For generations, residents of Mossville, Louisiana – a town founded by former slaves and the site of more than a dozen refining and chemical industry facilities – have been disproportionately exposed to toxic pollution.

Life at the Fenceline

Vulnerable fenceline communities — which are disproportionately black and Latino — live every day with the threat of chemical leaks, spills, and explosions that threaten families’ health, their livelihoods, and ultimately, their lives.

Campaign for Healthier Solutions

Why are you involved in the Campaign for Healthier Solutions

Who's In Danger? Chemical Security in Environmental Justice Communities

The story of a community organizing for chemical safety in the Mountain View community in Albuquerque, NM.

Jennifer Beals Supports the Campaign for Healthier Solutions

"It's not simply a toxic chemicals issue. It's a social justice issue."

Clean Power Plan "101" Training,
Wilmington, DE

Hosted by Coming Clean and EJHA, with the Building Equity and Alignment for Impact, and the Delaware Concerned Residents for Environmental Justice.

Las pequenas cosas son importantes

Litte Things Matter: The impact of toxins on the developing brain

From our allies at IPEN and Canadian Environmental Health Atlas.