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The Power of Collaboration for Environmental Health and Justice
EJ4All | May 11, 2017

** This piece was originally published for Grantmakers In Health in May 2017**


By: Carolyn Fine Friedman, Chair, Fine Fund

Eboni Cochran knows when there has . . .

Turning up the Heat for Climate Change Solutions
Michele Roberts | October 04, 2016

This Summer, a dedicated team of environmental justice organizers, advocates, community members and scholars gathered in Wilmington, Delaware to discuss the strengths—and weaknesses—of the Environmental Protection . . .

Knowledge is Key with Chemical Safety Policy
Michele Roberts | October 29, 2013

I grew up in Delaware, in an area that was commonly known as one of the largest chemical corridors in the world. Sure, that meant there were jobs and income for our residents, but it also came with a heavy cost to the personal health of some in my family and neighbors. Growing up, I saw members . . .

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